Jimmy Cypher began his photography collection as an after thought,  A musician by trade, he was introduced to hiking by a friend and quickly found it to be far preferable to sweaty gyms and inflated egos.  A birthday gift followed, a handheld Canon powershot camera.  People began to notice his unusual eye for capturing special moments, even for a novice.  Under the Christmas tree was yet another gift:  Ken Burn’s documentary “The National Parks - America’s Best Idea.”  The content of that 6 DVD set was life changing and pretty soon Jimmy was off to see these extraordinary places.  With the help of professional photographer friends in the music and fashion industry, he had by this time, upgraded to better cameras, tripods and had a working knowledge of essential techniques.  


The images began to accumulate but it wasn’t until a freak accident smashed his guitar fret hand that his photography took on a life of its own.  His music career sidelined, and with no real certainty that his guitar playing would ever return to its former glory, he began traveling as never before, covering much of the United States, Central America, and Europe.  It would be four years before his hand fully recovered.  Through passion and sheer persistence, along with a keen sense of weather and a knack for being in the right place at the right time Cypher captured one magic moment after the next.  Over time, a large collection of extraordinary images began to take shape.


Perhaps due to his music, which is bold and sonically innovative, Cypher’s approach to photography is much less aggressive.   Like that of a straight documentarian, his goal is to be a transparent conduit, getting out of the way and simply letting nature put on a show.   In an age of over editing, it is a bit refreshing to see images that simply take the viewer “inside the shot,” converting the feeling of what it must surely have been like to actually be there... away from the stresses of modern life... free at last to enjoy natures unadulterated splendor, serenity and visuals.  His photographs and video travel logs are featured in his upcoming music videos.