Chicago Airplane Sunset

While on an Autumn flight to Chicago, I noticed the sky was beginning to show some very unique sunset colors. I had my camera but there was a problem: I was on the wrong side of the plane! Undeterred, I did what any man of action would do: I called the stewardess over and explained that I was a photographer for National Geographic and could she get me a window seat on the other side of the plane ? Next thing I know, the Red Sea parts and this very gracious Asian business woman gives up her first class seat for about 10 minutes. We exchanged emails and I sent her the photographs. I'm not sure if there's a moral to this story except perhaps: "You never know until you ask" and "If by some remote chance, the photo someday appears in National Geographic, was I really lying?" All I know is I got the shot and everyone landed happy :-) This was photographed somewhere over central Illinois, right before the descent to O'hare 11-5-2011

— at Illinois.

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