Arenal Volcano Sunset:

The drive from Arenal to San Jose is about 90 miles. It will take you approximately 4-5 hours LOL. One of the things about many third world countries is the astonishing lack of rules and regulations compared to America. So much is made of "the land of the free" but aside from the ability to criticize the government, we live in an obscenely litigious and often rule oppressive society. It's not until you travel elsewhere that you realize that as long as you don't criticize the government, they don't really care what you do, and thus many places have far more freedom than America, not less. When you do encounter problems, you can bribe your way out of most of them for very little money. This is important because you will be stopped at random passport checkpoints in remote places as you round the hairpin turns. Mostly the cops are just looking for $10-20 bucks American... no matter what your passport says. There are no signs telling you the coffee is a hot liquid, or don't stand on those rocks getting slammed with ocean waves at high tide, or stay away from the edge of that cliff. We never saw a dog on a leash: they all mind their own business and cross the streets like human pedestrians. Wanna light a bonfire or drink on the beach? No problem. Mainly if you do something extremely stupid, the Ticos will say so and have little pity for you. There are brutal consequences for a lack of common sense down here and this is remarkably self regulating. Everyone knows if you get hurt, the helicopter will take its sweet time (24-48 hours or more) getting to you and then eventually airlift you to San Jose... where you'll be given a bill for $8,000 US. This sunset was shot outside San Ramon and caused us to get back behind all the slow tourist buses we worked so hard to pass. But it was worth it. We drove onto private property on a hill above a warehouse and as you might expect, no one really cared. The smoke from Arenal volcano can be seen in the distance.

— in San Ramón, Costa Rica.

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