Atlanta Skyline Rainstorm

YESTERDAY'S RAINSTORM -- It's been a long while since I've done any photography, life intruded, my entire life was reset, and I'm now back east for the rest of the year, buried in the studio working on this album. But i started working out again recently, fall produces the best sunsets. Do this long enough and you get a nose for the weather and something told me to take the big camera to Stone Mountain. Just when I thought I had photographed everything there was to see out there, the rain clouds appeared and there it was: the storm that sits over the city, scares away the crowds but doesn't drench the mountain or my camera lens, a rare treat that always keeps on giving. I got well over an hour of shots like these which I've never seen before anywhere. This quite a unique view of Atlanta. Many more to come!

— at Stone Mountain Park.

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