Night Rainbow Rarities

I was teaching guitar and suddenly noticed the unusual hues outside my windows bathing my entire apartment building in purple sunlight and heard everyone gathered outside talking about it. I immediately grabbed my camera and ran to the top of the parking deck. I was unable to get a vantage point to capture the totality of what I witnessed but something about this photograph seems perfect just the way it is. It's as if the car just pulled up to tell those still inside the house of the beauty outside they were missing. I experimented with editing out the power lines and other things but every time I tried to make this photo "better" it took something away from it, as if it was irritated with me for trying to alter a magic moment in time. There is a photo of a similar sunset in Minneapolis, MN USA but otherwise, I have never seen another sunset like this and there may never be another one again.

Photographed 6-5-2014 Atlanta, GA USA

You can view more photos of it at this link.

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