Solar Ice

TONE MOUNTAIN PRICELESS PHOTO: TREE ICE: They say that "luck" is the convergence of hard work and opportunity. Well, today I got lucky ;-) My goal was to do a typical 5 mile workout but the chores of getting wordpress websites fully mobile and punishing gridlock traffic that delayed me 45 minutes meant that I did not get on Stone Mountain until 6pm. Hundreds of climbs and photo shoots on this giant slab of granite, along with yesterday's icy hike and photographs meant that given what the sky was doing (an instinct all its own that one develops), I knew exactly where I needed to be (not at the summit!), when I needed to be there, and with my workouts, was in good enough physical condition to double time it to get there. I knew this was the time and place to get a once in a lifetime shot and all I had to do was not screw it up! Amazingly, the very first photograph I shot after frantically setting up was the best. Somehow, I got all the right settings on the first try and managed to block the 25mph wind gusts with my body to get a "no tripod shake" crystal clear photo. I wish I could tell you that everything in this photo was planned out, that I framed this photo perfectly in my mind and that I was where I needed to be 2 minutes earlier, but I wasn't. However as I approached the vista, I saw the hues at the height of the show and that's where having a master photo editor like Hilary Clark comes in. As with music you can over edit, time correct, and over compress the life out of any performance. Or you can SAVE that performance: it's the wizard, not the wand! And in the right hands, these are powerful tools. We have enhanced and color corrected this photo to what I actually saw two minutes before I set up and shot it. I could have never produced what you see here without Hilary's expertise. To the extent that anyone can objectively comment on his own work, there are just so many things about this photo that draw you in, It's just a perfectly composed shot of mother nature on display in my opinion. To which I say it was a glorious accident and talent and ability count for very little here. I just managed to not get in the way or be swayed by the biting wind chill. I'm really proud of this one but... It was more like a raffle ticket: YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN. And today, my ticket cashed in :-)

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